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10/13/2017- Bronson Tennis Players Released all day.
                     Colon Homecoming- No students
                     Coldwater- Varsity Football Players will be absent.  I will release in Skyward.
                     Quincy to release at 2:05 pm for an assembly
10/16/2017- NO BACC classes
10/17/2017- Coldwater College Visits- I will release in Skyward the students that will be attending.
10/19/2017- BACC Career Day
10/20/2017- No Colon, Camden or Pansophia Students, 
                    Al Grades posted at 12:00 pm
                    END OF 1st MARKING PERIOD
10/24/2017- Coldwater College Visits- I will release in Skyward who will be attending.
10/25/2017- BACC P/T Conferences 2:30-7:30 pm
                    Pansophia- No Juniors
10/26/2017- Coldwater ½ Day- PM STUDENTS COME IN THE AM- Releases at 11:05 am
                     Pansophia- PM Releases at 2:15 pm
10/27/2017- No Reading Students
1½/2017- No Colon Students
11/3/2017- No Colon Students
11/7/2017- NO BACC Classes- 10th Grade Visits
11/8/2017- No Pansophia Seniors
11/10/2017- No Litchfield Students
11/16/2017- Quincy ½ day- AM Releases at 9:20 am/ No PM Students
11/22/2017- Coldwater ½ Day Release time 10:40 AM
                    Union City ½ Day  Release time of 10:10 am
                    Reading ½ day- Release time of 10:20 am
                    No Litchfield, Camden or Colon Students
11/23/2017- No School
11/24/2017- No School
12/13/2017- No Union City Students
12/21/2017- No Union City or Burr Oak Students
                    Reading ½ day- AM releases at 10:20 am
                    Grades need to be posted by 12:00 pm
12/22/2017- No Quincy, Coldwater, Union City, Colon or Pansophia Students
                    BACC ½ day
                    END  OF 2nd Marking Period/1st Semester.  
12/25/2017-1/5/2018- Christmas Break!
1/10/2018- No Litchfield Students
1/11/2018- Pansophia PM releases at 2:15 pm
1/15/2018- NO BACC Classes- Professional Developement
1/19/2018- Union City ½ day- Release at 10:10 am
                  No Colon Students
2/7/2018- No Litchfield Students
2/15/2018- Reading ½ Day- Release at 10:20 am
                  No Colon Students
2/16/2018- No Quincy, Union City, Reading, Camden, Colon and Burr Oak Students
                  Coldwater ½ day- Release at 10:40 am
2/19/2018- No School
2/20/2018- No Litchfield Students
3/7/2018- No Litchfield Students
3/8/2018- Quincy ½ Day- Release at 9:20 am/ No PM students
                Coldwater ½ day- Release at 10:40 am
3/9/2018- No Pansophia Students
3/16/2018- No Colon Students
                 End of 3rd Marking Period- Grades posted by 12:00 pm
3/29/2018- Union City ½ day- Release at 10:10 am
                  Reading ½ day- Release at 10:20 am
                  No Camden Students
3/30/2018- No School
4/2/2018-4/6/2018- Spring Break
4/27/2018- No Colon Students
5/9/2018- No Litchfield Students
5/11/2018- Pansophia-Senior’s last day
5/15/2018- Pansophia- PM Released at 2:15 pm
5/24/2018- BACC Senior Recognition- Seniors last day!
5/25/2018- Coldwater ½ day- Release at 10:40 am
                  Reading Early Release
                  No Colon Students
5/28/2018- No School
5/31/2018- No Burr Oak Students
6/1/2018 BACC Students Last Day!
               No Camden Students
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